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Hierarchic Classification of Catalytic Mechanisms

R 1.-.-.- : Hydrolysis (bond cleavage by water) (Reaction)

L 1.30.-.- : C-O bond (O-glycoside bond) (Ligand group involved)

C 1.30.36000.- : alpha-amylase-like mechanism (Nucleophile/Acid-Base/Stabilizer-Modulator); Modulator-assisted acid; SN1-like reaction induced by protonation to 1st leaving group; Covalent bond formation between nucleophile and target atom; Intermediate stablilized; covalent bond attacked by base-activated water; Intermediate stabilized; protonation to nucleophile (Catalytic mechanism)

P 1.30.36000.3 : Three acidic residues (Residues/cofactors in Protein)

1st Nucleophile : a catalytic residue
Catalytic groups : groups in residue/substrate
General Base : a catalytic residue
General Acid : a catalytic residue

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