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Hierarchic Classification of Catalytic Mechanisms

R 10.-.-.- : Electron transfer (redox reaction) (Reaction)

L 10.22100.-.- : From [4Fe-4S] cluster to Heme-Fe (Ligand group involved)

C 10.22100.110.- : Indirect transfer through protein residues + cofactor atoms; No covalent bond formation/cleavage (Catalytic mechanism)

P 10.22100.110.10570 : Cys bound to [4Fe-4S] (bound to four Cys cluster) + Cys covalently bonded to Heme group + Heme-vinyl group (Residues/cofactors in Protein)

1st Nucleophile : non-existent
Catalytic groups : cofactor + enzyme residues
General Base : non-existent
General Acid : non-existent

Related Enzymes

There is one entry in this class.
  • M00012 : (reaction 4); Periplasmic [Fe] hydrogenase large subunit (Catalytic domains;, 3.40.950.10)