RLCP 3.1197.15025.- :EzCatDB EzCatDB

Hierarchic Classification of Catalytic Mechanisms

R 3.-.-.- : Transfer (bond cleavage and new bond formation) (Reaction)

L 3.1197.-.- : Acyl group from Sulfur atom to Carbon (double-bonded; sp2) (Ligand group involved)

C 3.1197.15025.- : Beta-ketoacyl-ACP synthase II 3rd reaction step-like mechanism (Stabilizer-Acid/Stabilizer); Stabilization of acceptor; Nucleophilic attack of acceptor on transferred group forming an intermediate; Stabilization of intermediate; Acid protonation to leaving group (SN2-like reaction) (Catalytic mechanism)

1st Nucleophile : an acceptor group in substrate
Catalytic groups : groups in residue/substrate
General Base : non-existent
General Acid : a catalytic residue

Residues/Cofactors involved in Proteins

  • 3.1197.15025.150 : His + mainchain amide groups + Cys covalently-bound to substrate/intermediate