RLCP 3.133.90010.394 :EzCatDB EzCatDB

Hierarchic Classification of Catalytic Mechanisms

R 3.-.-.- : Transfer (bond cleavage and new bond formation) (Reaction)

L 3.133.-.- : Phosphate group from Phosphate oxygen to Phosphate oxygen (Ligand group involved)

C 3.133.90010.- : Adenylate-kinase-like mechanism (Stabilizer); Inorganic-cofactor-assisted nucleophilic attack by acceptor group on transferred group; SN2-like direct reaction; Transition state stabilized by cofactor and stabilizer; Inorganic-cofactor interacting with acceptor/transferred groups (Catalytic mechanism)

P 3.133.90010.394 : Lys/Arg cluster + magnesium ion bound to an acidic residue (Residues/cofactors in Protein)

1st Nucleophile : an acceptor group in substrate
Catalytic groups : cofactor + groups in residue/substrate
General Base : non-existent
General Acid : non-existent

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