RLCP 8.131.42001.6 :EzCatDB EzCatDB

Hierarchic Classification of Catalytic Mechanisms

R 8.-.-.- : Isomerization (shift of double-bond position) (Reaction)

L 8.131.-.- : Adjacent bond; O=C-C to O-C=C (Ligand group involved)

C 8.131.42001.- : Base-Acid/Stabilizers; Base deprotonation of initially single-bonded atom leading to intermediate formation; Intermediate stabilized; Acid protonation to initially double-bonded atom (Catalytic mechanism)

P 8.131.42001.6 : An acidic residue + His/Lys (Residues/cofactors in Protein)

1st Nucleophile : non-existent
Catalytic groups : groups in residue/substrate
General Base : a catalytic residue
General Acid : a catalytic residue

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