EzCatDB: D00866
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DB codeD00866
CATH domainDomain : GlutaredoxinCatalytic domain
Domain 23.-.-.-Catalytic domain

CATH domainRelated DB codes (homologues) : GlutaredoxinS00916,S00279,M00184,D00869,D00870,D00278

Enzyme Name

Protein nameProbable peroxiredoxinPeroxiredoxin
Thioredoxin peroxidase
Tryparedoxin peroxidase
Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase C22
RefSeqNP_148509.1 (Protein)
NC_000854.2 (DNA/RNA sequence)
PfamPF10417 (1-cysPrx_C)
PF00578 (AhpC-TSA)
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KEGG pathways
MAP codePathways
MAP00480Glutathione metabolism

UniProtKB:Accession NumberQ9Y9L0
Entry nameTDXH_AERPE
Activity2 R'-SH + ROOH = R'-S-S-R' + H(2)O + ROH.
Subcellular location

Compound table: links to PDB-related databases & PoSSuM

CompoundR'-SHROOHR-S-S-RH2OROHPeptidyl-His-Cys-sulfenic acid (hydroxy-imidazolyl-sulfanyl-methane)Peptidyl-protonated-His-Cys-sulfenic acid (hydroxy-protonated-imidazolyl-sulfanyl-methane)Peptidyl-Cys-sulfenic acidTransient disulfide bond between peptidyl-Cys
Typesulfhydryl groupothersdisulfide bondH2Ocarbohydrate





1vgsA01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsB01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsC01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsD01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsE01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsF01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsG01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsH01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsI01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsJ01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rA01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rB01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rC01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rD01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rE01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rF01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rG01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rH01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rI01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rJ01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2cv4A01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2cv4B01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2cv4C01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2cv4D01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2cv4E01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2cv4F01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2cv4G01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2cv4H01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2cv4I01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2cv4J01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2e2gA01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gB01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gC01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gD01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gE01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gF01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gG01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gH01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gI01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gJ01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2mA01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:CSDUnbound
2e2mB01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:CSDUnbound
2e2mC01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:CSDUnbound
2e2mD01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:CSDUnbound
2e2mE01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:CSDUnbound
2e2mF01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:CSDUnbound
2e2mG01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:CSDUnbound
2e2mH01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:CSDUnbound
2e2mI01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:CSDUnbound
2e2mJ01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:CSDUnbound
2nvlA01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2nvlB01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2nvlC01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2nvlD01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2nvlE01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2nvlF01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2nvlG01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2nvlH01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2nvlI01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2nvlJ01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundIntermediate-analogue:OCSUnbound
2zctA01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundIntermediate-bound:HIS 42-CSO 52UnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctB01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundIntermediate-bound:HIS 42-CSO 52UnboundUnbound
2zctC01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundIntermediate-bound:HIS 42-CSO 52UnboundUnbound
2zctD01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundIntermediate-bound:HIS 42-CSO 52UnboundUnbound
2zctE01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundIntermediate-bound:HIS 42-CSO 52UnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctF01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundIntermediate-bound:HIS 42-CSO 52UnboundUnbound
2zctG01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundIntermediate-bound:HIS 42-CSO 52UnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctH01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundIntermediate-bound:HIS 42-CSO 52UnboundUnbound
2zctI01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundIntermediate-bound:HIS 42-CSO 52UnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctJ01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundIntermediate-bound:HIS 42-CSO 52UnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vA01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vB01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vC01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vD01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vE01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vF01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vG01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vH01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vI01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vJ01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wA01UnboundUnboundUnbound Analogue:GOLUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wB01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wC01UnboundUnboundUnbound Analogue:GOLUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wD01UnboundUnboundUnbound Analogue:GOLUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wE01UnboundUnboundUnbound Analogue:GOLUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wF01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wG01UnboundUnboundUnbound Analogue:GOLUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wH01UnboundUnboundUnbound Analogue:GOLUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wI01UnboundBound:PERUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wJ01UnboundUnboundUnbound Analogue:GOLUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xA01UnboundAnalogue:ACTUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xB01UnboundAnalogue:ACTUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xC01UnboundAnalogue:ACTUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xD01UnboundAnalogue:ACTUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xE01UnboundAnalogue:ACTUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xF01UnboundAnalogue:ACTUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xG01UnboundAnalogue:ACTUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xH01UnboundAnalogue:ACTUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xI01UnboundAnalogue:ACTUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xJ01UnboundAnalogue:ACTUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wA01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wB01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wC01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wD01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wE01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wF01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wG01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wH01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wI01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wJ01UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsA02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsB02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsC02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsD02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsE02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsF02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsG02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsH02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsI02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1vgsJ02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rA02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rB02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rC02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rD02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rE02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rF02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rG02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rH02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rI02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
1x0rJ02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2cv4A02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2cv4B02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2cv4C02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2cv4D02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2cv4E02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2cv4F02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2cv4G02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2cv4H02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2cv4I02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2cv4J02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gA02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gB02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gC02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gD02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gE02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gF02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gG02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gH02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gI02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2gJ02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2mA02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2mB02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2mC02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2mD02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2mE02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2mF02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2mG02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2mH02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2mI02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2e2mJ02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2nvlA02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2nvlB02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2nvlC02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2nvlD02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2nvlE02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2nvlF02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2nvlG02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2nvlH02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2nvlI02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2nvlJ02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctA02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctB02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctC02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctD02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctE02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctF02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctG02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctH02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctI02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
2zctJ02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vA02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vB02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vC02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vD02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vE02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vF02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vG02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vH02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vI02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2vJ02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wA02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wB02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wC02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wD02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wE02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wF02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wG02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wH02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wI02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2wJ02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xA02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xB02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xC02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xD02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xE02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xF02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xG02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xH02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xI02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a2xJ02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wA02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wB02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wC02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wD02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wE02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wF02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wG02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wH02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wI02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound
3a5wJ02UnboundUnboundUnbound UnboundUnboundUnboundUnboundUnbound

Active-site residues
Swiss-prot;Q9Y9L0 & Literature [3]
pdbCatalytic residuesModified residuesMain-chain involved in catalysiscomment
1vgsA01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1vgsB01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1vgsC01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1vgsD01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1vgsE01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1vgsF01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1vgsG01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1vgsH01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1vgsI01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1vgsJ01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1x0rA01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1x0rB01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1x0rC01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1x0rD01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1x0rE01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1x0rF01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1x0rG01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1x0rH01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1x0rI01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1x0rJ01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
2cv4A01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2cv4B01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2cv4C01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2cv4D01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2cv4E01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2cv4F01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2cv4G01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2cv4H01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2cv4I01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2cv4J01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2e2gA01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
2e2gB01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
2e2gC01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
2e2gD01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
2e2gE01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
2e2gF01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
2e2gG01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
2e2gH01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
2e2gI01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
2e2gJ01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
2e2mA01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSD 50 (Cys-sulfinic acid)
VAL 49;CSD 50
2e2mB01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSD 50 (Cys-sulfinic acid)
VAL 49;CSD 50
2e2mC01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSD 50 (Cys-sulfinic acid)
VAL 49;CSD 50
2e2mD01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSD 50 (Cys-sulfinic acid)
VAL 49;CSD 50
2e2mE01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSD 50 (Cys-sulfinic acid)
VAL 49;CSD 50
2e2mF01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSD 50 (Cys-sulfinic acid)
VAL 49;CSD 50
2e2mG01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSD 50 (Cys-sulfinic acid)
VAL 49;CSD 50
2e2mH01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSD 50 (Cys-sulfinic acid)
VAL 49;CSD 50
2e2mI01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSD 50 (Cys-sulfinic acid)
VAL 49;CSD 50
2e2mJ01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSD 50 (Cys-sulfinic acid)
VAL 49;CSD 50
2nvlA01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2nvlB01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2nvlC01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2nvlD01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2nvlE01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2nvlF01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2nvlG01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2nvlH01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2nvlI01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2nvlJ01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
OCS 50 (Cys-sulfonic acid)
VAL 49;OCS 50
2zctA01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSO 50 (Cys-sulfenic acid)
VAL 49;CSO 50
2zctB01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSO 50 (Cys-sulfenic acid)
VAL 49;CSO 50
2zctC01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSO 50 (Cys-sulfenic acid)
VAL 49;CSO 50
2zctD01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSO 50 (Cys-sulfenic acid)
VAL 49;CSO 50
2zctE01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSO 50 (Cys-sulfenic acid)
VAL 49;CSO 50
2zctF01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSO 50 (Cys-sulfenic acid)
VAL 49;CSO 50
2zctG01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSO 50 (Cys-sulfenic acid)
VAL 49;CSO 50
2zctH01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSO 50 (Cys-sulfenic acid)
VAL 49;CSO 50
2zctI01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSO 50 (Cys-sulfenic acid)
VAL 49;CSO 50
2zctJ01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
CSO 50 (Cys-sulfenic acid)
VAL 49;CSO 50
3a2vA01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a2vB01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a2vC01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a2vD01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a2vE01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a2vF01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a2vG01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a2vH01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a2vI01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a2vJ01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a2wA01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2wB01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2wC01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2wD01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2wE01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2wF01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2wG01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2wH01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2wI01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2wJ01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2xA01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2xB01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2xC01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2xD01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2xE01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2xF01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2xG01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2xH01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2xI01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a2xJ01HIS 42;THR 47;      ;ARG 126
VAL 49;      
mutant C50S
3a5wA01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a5wB01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a5wC01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a5wD01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a5wE01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a5wF01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a5wG01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a5wH01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a5wI01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
3a5wJ01HIS 42;THR 47;CYS 50;ARG 126
VAL 49;CYS 50
1vgsA02CYS 207;CYS 213
1vgsB02CYS 207;CYS 213
1vgsC02CYS 207;CYS 213
1vgsD02CYS 207;CYS 213
1vgsE02CYS 207;CYS 213
1vgsF02CYS 207;CYS 213
1vgsG02CYS 207;CYS 213
1vgsH02CYS 207;CYS 213
1vgsI02CYS 207;CYS 213
1vgsJ02CYS 207;CYS 213
1x0rA02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
1x0rB02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
1x0rC02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
1x0rD02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
1x0rE02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
1x0rF02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
1x0rG02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
1x0rH02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
1x0rI02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
1x0rJ02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2cv4A02CYS 207;CYS 213
2cv4B02CYS 207;CYS 213
2cv4C02CYS 207;CYS 213
2cv4D02CYS 207;CYS 213
2cv4E02CYS 207;CYS 213
2cv4F02CYS 207;CYS 213
2cv4G02CYS 207;CYS 213
2cv4H02CYS 207;CYS 213
2cv4I02CYS 207;CYS 213
2cv4J02CYS 207;CYS 213
2e2gA02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2gB02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2gC02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2gD02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2gE02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2gF02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2gG02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2gH02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2gI02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2gJ02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2mA02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2mB02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2mC02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2mD02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2mE02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2mF02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2mG02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2mH02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2mI02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2e2mJ02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2nvlA02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2nvlB02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2nvlC02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2nvlD02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2nvlE02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2nvlF02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2nvlG02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2nvlH02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2nvlI02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2nvlJ02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2zctA02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2zctB02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2zctC02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2zctD02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2zctE02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2zctF02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2zctG02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2zctH02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2zctI02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
2zctJ02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
3a2vA02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
3a2vB02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
3a2vC02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
3a2vD02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
3a2vE02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
3a2vF02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
3a2vG02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
3a2vH02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
3a2vI02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
3a2vJ02       ;CYS 213
mutant C207S
3a2wA02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2wB02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2wC02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2wD02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2wE02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2wF02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2wG02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2wH02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2wI02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2wJ02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2xA02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2xB02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2xC02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2xD02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2xE02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2xF02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2xG02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2xH02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2xI02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a2xJ02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a5wA02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a5wB02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a5wC02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a5wD02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a5wE02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a5wF02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a5wG02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a5wH02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a5wI02CYS 207;CYS 213
3a5wJ02CYS 207;CYS 213

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Generally, peroxiredoxins (Prxs) can be classified into three categories (see [2]):
(1) typical 2-Cys Prxs; conservation of two redox-active cysteines; homodimers having two identical active sites.
(2) atypical 2-Cys Prxs; conservation of two redox-active cysteines; functionally monomeric.
(3) 1-Cys Prxs; only one cysteine.
The redox-active cysteine is referred to as the peroxidatic cysteine, in contrast to the second cysteine, the resolving cysteine, in the 2-Cys Prxs.
However, although this archaeal enzyme shares high sequence similarities with 1-Cys Prxs, it has three cysteine residues (see [1]). Cys50 is the peroxidatic cysteine, whereas Cys213 seems to be the resolving cysteine (see [3]). Although the functional role of Cys207 is unknown, it may form disulfide bond with Cys213, under oxidative stress (see [3]). Under such a stress, Cys50 can be over-oxidized to form sulfinic acid (-SO2H) and further oxidized sulfonic acid (-SO3H) (see [3]).
Although this enzyme is homologous to other Prxs, it has a histidine residue, which is not conserved, at the active site (see [5], [6]). Due to the histidine, this enzyme seems to have a distinct reaction mechanism, where hypervalent sulfur intermediates (I00144, I00145) (see [5], [6]).
Thus, this enzyme catalyzes the following reactions (see [3], [5], [6]). Here, the first two reactions, (A) and (B), seem to occur simultaneously to form a hypervalent sulfur intermediate (His-Cys-sulfenic acid; I00144) (see [5], [6]), which is a very rare case.
(A) Transfer of peroxide oxygen from another peroxide oxygen to the perdoxidatic Cys (Cys50):
(B) Addition of sulfur atom of the peroxidatic Cys to the imidazole ring of the histidine residue (His42):
The reaction mechanisms of the next two reactions, (C) and (D), have not been elucidated yet. At least, a protonation to the hypervalent sulfur intermediate (I00144) leads to another intermediate (I00145) (see [5]).
(C) Elimination of sulfur atom of the peroxidatic Cys from the histidine residue:
(D) Transfer of sulfur atom of the peroxidatic Cys (Cys50) from the hydroxyl group to thiol (or sulfhydryl) group of the resolving Cys (Cys213), releasing H2O and forming a disulfide bond:
(E) Electron transfer from thiol of another substrate (or R'-SH; thioredoxin) to the disulfide bond, forming a intermolecular disulfide bond (thiol-disulfide exchange):
(F) Electron transfer from another thiol of the second substrate (R'-SH; thioredoxin) to the disulfide bond, forming a intramolecular disulfide bond (thiol-disulfide exchange):


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